Recover Data from Dynamic Disk

Most of the people don’t know what is dynamic disk? Actually, a Dynamic disk is a physical disk that manages its volumes by using Logical Disk Manager (LDM) database. It is an enhanced form of data storage on Windows and consists of dynamic partitions like simple, stripped, mirrored, and RAID5 partitions. If there is a low storage space in the hard disk, then it is converted into dynamic hard drive and increases the capacity of the hard drive. The main drawback of using dynamic disk is that backup option is not available and through this, the user may encounter many data loss circumstances and may find difficult for data recovery from dynamic disk.

You might have 500GB hard drive and tried to partition into 2 pieces i.e. 2 X 250GB. The intention was to install Fedora on any one of the 250GB partition so that you could dual boot Windows XP and Fedora. So, you may abandon that plan and joined the two partitions together, creating a dynamic disk. Later, when you turn on the system, the Windows XP was irrepairably corrupted. Because of that, you might have reformatted the hard disk and installed Windows XP once again. But, you found that your dynamic disk is inaccessible and lose the entire data which was present on it.

As a result of this you will start searching for software to carry out data recovery from dynamic disk in the market. However, you may not get any software that solves your desire problem. Don't Panic! Here we have the best solution! You just need to make use of Data Recovery tool to know how to recover data from dynamic disk which has been lost. If you are encountering problems like files are not accessible due to bad sectors on the hard drive, then also you can use this tool to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors.

There are various circumstances where data might get lost from dynamic disk:

  1. File System Conversion: File system is used for operating and keeping track of files. But once the user format the system, all files on the partition will be gone. So, file system conversion must be done only if there is little data on the partition that should be unusable or backup should be available else there will be severe data loss.

  2. Third Party Partitioning Utility: Partitions on the hard drive must be created with the reliable utility. If the partition is done by using some untrustworthy third party partitioning utility then it may result in data loss.

  3. Accidentally Formatting the Drive: Before formatting the dynamic disk, check whether you are formatting the drive correctly. If you accidentally format the wrong partition in dynamic disk in hurry, say for example if you try to format the d: drive instead of f: drive then the data present in it will be lost.

Whatever may be the reasons for data loss from dynamic disk, you don’t have to worry. Because, you can use Data Recovery tool to get back data from dynamic disk within few minutes.

Outstanding Features of Data Recovery tool:

Data Recovery is the perfect tool to carry out data recovery from dynamic disk. It can be considered as the best tool to retrieve data from dynamic disk compared to other tool which are available in the market due to its highly effective algorithms. Files which are deleted from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 array are recovered without missing even a single file. This software allows you to restore data from dynamic disk on all popular versions of Windows Operating System. By using this tool, you can easily recover data from dynamic disk in an efficient way and it’s also capable of laptop hard drive data recovery, which consists of various partitions formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT. This tool can recover data from various storage devices such as memory cards, USB drives, hard drives and iPod’s. Once the data is recovered, the files can be previewed and can be saved on any desired location.

Steps to recover data from dynamic disk:

Step 1 : First download and install the software on your system to restore data from dynamic disk. Select “Recover Drives” option from the main screen to recover data from dynamic disk.

Recover Data from Dynamic Disk  - Main Screen

Step 2 : Select either "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option to restore data from dynamic disk.

Recover Data from Dynamic Disk  - Select Recovery Mode

Step 3 : Scanning of the selected hard drive takes place and the recovered data is listed thereby you can evaluate recovery results.

Recover Data from Dynamic Disk  - Preview Screen